Program Manager - MRDD

Sorry, this job has expired.

Columbus, OH

Job status
Full time
Job description
Upreach, LLC is now hiring a Program Manager (MRDD).

As the Program Manager you will be responsible for both the supervision of support specialist staff, as well as the Implementation of consumer services.

We offer:
• A salary based on experience and performance
• Great benefits
• Advancement opportunities
Education requirements
• Associate's or bachelor's degree. Bachelor's degree preferred.
Experience requirements
• Must have 3 years experience in DD field and/or bachelor's degree.
• Must have a current Ohio driver's license and no more than 6 points on your driving record.
• Must have a working vehicle and maintain a minimum of state required insurance coverage on any and all vehicles used for work and/or transporting consumers.
• No felony convictions as identified and outlined by the Ohio Revised Code. Misdemeanor convictions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
• Act as a liaison between Upreach, LLC and ancillary agencies; attend meetings at ancillary agencies; and routinely inform ancillary agencies, as appropriate, of changes which may affect a consumer's health, safety, and welfare or other significant life changes; prepare all necessary documents for various meetings.
• Assist staff with compliance and understanding of Upreach, LLC policies and procedures; maintain compliance with Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities rules and regulations, and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities rules and regulations.
• Directly supervise support staff through supervisory conferences and monthly house meetings. Routinely discuss support specialist's job performance with the Director; provide needed information for staff discipline to Human Resources Department
• On a varying rotating schedule, carry an Upreach, LLC on-call cell phone to provide assistance for the following: scheduling staff coverage in emergencies; routinely assisting other staff members in completing and assuring all recommendations and/or requirements stated in a consumer's ISP are fulfilled; providing information to consumers as needed; and providing backup staffing coverage in emergencies.
• Provide new hire support staff with selected training modalities; provide on-going training as needed to support staff members' implementation and documentation of services provided.
• Routinely monitor the quality of interaction support staff members have with consumers and discuss any concerns regarding their job performance with management.
• Provide a monthly staff meeting for each assigned home; assign agenda items for meetings; provide agenda time for each team member; provide schedules for ISP and BSP meetings to team members.
• Complete monthly documentation of Limited Professional Services (LPS) by the 7th of each month.
• Facilitate on-going communication with all management staff.
• Meet at least monthly with other Program Managers in a formalized team setting.
• Monitor various consumer documents pertaining to implementation of services on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis; distribution of documents to respective team members; and maintain all consumer records.
• During unscheduled situations, Program Managers will coordinate with all members of the team, including but not limited to the Medical Department and Scheduling Departments to ensure consumers receive the necessary services for the unscheduled situation.
• Provide assistance with the follow-up on all maintenances requests all homes and maintain any necessary documentation of completion of maintenance requests.
• Ensure the completion and submission of monthly Fire and Tornado Safety drills, as well as Safety Checklist.
• Coordinate the delivery of all medications with Life Changes of Ohio, LLC.
• Complete at least weekly site visits and guardian contact directly related to consumer/guardian requests.
• Meet with Director monthly to provide a detailed summary of consumer finances, billing, staffing, housing and any other issues directly related to consumers on the Program Manager’s caseload.
• Assist in financial management of consumer that does not choose Upreach, LLC as their payee.
• Ensure as mandated reporter all protocols are followed regarding UI/MUI and ensuring that certification is completed yearly for MUI training.
Work hours
• Monday-Friday, standard business hours.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.